High performance shared cockpit solution for Microsoft Flight Simulator X.








Desk Pilot Professional Update Server has been fixed. If you're not able to connect to the update server - Please submit a ticket and we will give you the fix ASAP!. Retailer installers will also be updated.



Desk Pilot Professional PMDG 747v3 Beta Update 1 is live!



Desk Pilot Professional has been released at the Sim Market!

Desk Pilot Professional has been released at the flightsimstore!

RTM Version has been sent to retailers. Don't forget to check out our facebook for more up to date information.

Product images have been uploaded below. Product page has also been updated.

Ticket support is now online.

Quick Facts

Desk Pilot is a shared cockpit (multi-player) solution for Microsoft Flight Simulator X. The first aircraft that utilized our shared cockpit feature was the PMDG 737-NGX, one of the most complex and realistic add-on aircraft for fsx.

You can enjoy all the major online networks like IVAO and Vatsim with your friends in a true multi crew environment.

A few years ago we released a version that was free to download and use for unlimited time. Now this was intentional and mainly to promote some of the potential features of our software.

PMDG is not involved with Desk Pilot. If you need support please submit a ticket via our product support and/or visit the forums.

This software 'Desk Pilot' works within the limits of PMDG's SDK! FMS syncing is not available. CDU button syncing is provided via the included Desk Pilot PMS Gauge.


DP Professional

This is our first product! It has been designed for speed and realism in mind.

The client & server now uses the pilot flying and pilot monitoring approach. Which can be completely modified to suit your needs and saved for future flights.


1: PF-PM roles can be changed in real time via the servers new user interface, fsx menus, custom key assignments or the CDU Gauge.

2: PF-PM roles are based on real procedures from the manuals. Example: PM controls the entire overhead etc.

3: PF-PM roles can be saved.

4: Anything that resided in the fsx menus can now be controlled via custom key assignments. *Note: Desk Pilots fsx menus can now be disabled.

5: Flaps can also be controlled via custom key assignments or hardware. The flaps are instantly deployed using this method with no delay. *Note: PMDG 777X uses a new system so flaps are deployed instantly regardless. Key assignments aren't necessary.

6: Major performance increase of the client and server.

7: Comes with mobile functionality ready for the Desk Pilot Mobile Interface. These are separate (Android and Apple) applications that will provide access to the shared cockpit settings in real time using your favorite hand held device from anywhere in the world!

8: New GREMLIN Mode - This feature generates random failures in a shared cockpit environment. *Note: There is low,medium,high and extreme failure modes.

9: Weather Sync feature that can be accessed by third party weather developers to command shared cockpit weather updates.

10: DPAS - Desk Pilot Access Station. This is integrated into the client and gives you direct access to the aircrafts systems. *Note: DPAS is disabled while shared cockpit is activated.

11: New PMS Gauge. This gives you access to the core features without leaving the simulator.*Note: This can also be used to sync PMDG's CDU's.