High performance shared cockpit solution for Microsoft Flight Simulator X.



Can i connect to friends that have purchased their own licence? Yes.

Can i get support for the free version? Only basic support. No remote desktop or router configuration. Licenced pro edition users will get full support via the ticket system. If requested we can arrange direct support via remote desktop services. Including router setup and configuration.

Does it work over the internet? Certainly!

How long do i have to wait for my ticket to be answered? You will receive a response within 24/48 business hours. Unless it's a public holiday. :-)

Is the pro edition backwards compatible with the free version? No.

Is the CDU synced in this version? Yes, but not directly. The included fsx panel is required to sync the cdu's.

What third party aircraft are working with the current pro edition? *PMDG 737NGX, 777X.

What happens if i change and/or upgrade my computer are the licence's transferable? Yes certainly! Submit us a ticket and we will gladly reset your product key.

Will the free version get the same features? No.

Will the free version receive updates? *Minor bug fixes only.

Will the pro edition be free? No. But its updates and aircraft packs will be free for licenced users.

Will the pro edition receive updates? Yes.

Will there be support for other aircraft? Yes, certainly! Those will be provided via future updates.

Will there be anymore free versions? No.